Who Is Tim and Why Do You Care?

An Introduction to Tim

Thanks to MollyBlue for the drawing: https://hitrecord.org/records/1032911

Cyclist, photographer, engineer, body boarder, camper, procrastinator extraordinaire, introvert, personal finance enthusiast and people watcher.

The 'be more like Tim' catchphrase was introduced to me by a friend but don't worry, it's tongue in cheek.  I'm not that conceited.

What is this blog about and why am I writing it?

  • To share my unique view on the world (every bloggers aim?)
  • To share interesting things discovered on the internet or in books. These may include, but not be limited to, personal finance, engineering, the environment (especially where these two intersect), music, photography and psychology
  • Documenting thoughts and experiences that others might find interesting
  • To learn how to run a blog!
  • As a 'forcing function for writing practice'

"Even if I lack the talent, I will not abandon the effort on that account...We do not abandon any discipline for despair of ever being the best in it." - Epictetus.